where have i been

Testing123    I can’t believe it’s been two months since I blogged. It’s been a wild crazy month. I don’t even know where to begin. In fact I’ve started this post 7 times and each time something has happens and I’ve had to stop.

Where do I start,… Thanksgiving was really nice. The next day all hell broke lose. Big Papi was on his computer and I noticed his voice slurring and the left side of his face was drooping. I of course thought he was having a stroke. I gave him two baby asprin to chew up and took him to the ER. After six hours of bloodwork, MRI, 2 C-Scans the drs figured out he had Bells Palsy. I had no clue what Bell’s Palsy was. Come to find out Big Papi had an infection from the flu he had the week before. We are so thankful it wasn’t a stroke. I’m happy to say his face is no longer droopy and his speech is finally back to normal.

Just when things started to calm down mom went outside last week to fill up her bird feeder and she slipped and fell down and broke her tailbone. Now she’s on pain meds and having to use a walker. I feel so sorry for her. She can barely stand long enough to walk to the bathroom.

Hopefully things will start to calm down around her and I can get back to blogging everyday :)


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